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Our story began in 2008 with the sole aim of creating very personal jewellery that convey a message, a meaning and a memory. Our jewellery come packed in sparkly balls and a gift wrap set to make the product a complete solution and a perfect gift.

Sphere of Life has been successful with retailers across the UK and beyond, making people smile and celebrate with a special gift! Our customers tell us how people love to choose a personal message for someone they love and the thrill people get from opening the gift wrap layers.

A gift experience

Giving a gift is an expression of a feeling and our touching designs help people to express their feeling in the most memorable of ways. This brand experience leaves people with not only a beautiful and personal piece of jewellery but also an extra special memory of the person who gave it and the time when it was given.

Quality handmade designs

Each piece of Sphere of Life jewellery is designed in our Hertfordshire studio. The brand designs are primarily produced in 925 Sterling Silver with 18ct Yellow and Rose gold plating, Rhodium plating, Cubic Zirconia & natural stones.

Sphere of Life collections are designed to celebrate Love, Life and Friendship. Our ‘Life’ designs share the fun, freedom and changes life brings about, whilst the ‘Love’ collection shares meanings of the heart, deeper sentiment and helps us say things in a simple and beautiful way. The ‘Friendship’ collection is adored by people of all ages and given for a thousand different reasons.

Our creative team are constantly introducing new fun and unique designs to enable you to extend and regularly update your range. We want your customers to come back to you time and again to add to their collection and share their experiences with their friends and family.

Very special packaging

Our experiential packaging is what makes Sphere of Life so unique. Every piece of jewellery delivers a personal message that makes giving and receiving a special, memorable experience.

Nestled inside a beautiful ribboned gift box is our iconic Sphere which is satin lined. Inside each keepsake Sphere hides the unique pendant, in a soft protective pouch. This packaging set offers a whole gift wrapping experience that creates a long-lasting memory.


Marketing Support

Point-of Sale

Beautiful, emotional branding is what sets Sphere of Life apart in window displays.
Your window modular display stand is portable and simple to use, allowing you to update the backdrop of your display with seasonal graphic posters. The customised display base cleverly showcases each beautiful design along with its personal message, with the iconic shiny sphere taking centre stage, making it a captivating and enticing sales tool.


Fresh, colourful branded posters can be used on your point of sale display or anywhere within your shop. They are designed to inspire and engage people emotionally, capturing the essence of the brand experience and helping to convey the joy of giving as well as receiving.

Share your ideas

At Sphere of Life we love ideas and turning them into heart-warming designs. We receive amazing feedback from customers and we welcome your own input into developing new designs.

We can produce custom versions of current designs, create limited editions or even create a one-off design to celebrate a personal achievement. So whether it is a commemorative set for the ladies golf club, an emblem for a local charity or a single unique design for a very special person, we will work with you to create the ultimate keepsake.

Please contact your account manager and together we will explore your ideas and create even more tantalising designs for your customers.

Brand awareness marketing

We understand that brand awareness is what will bring people into your shop. We actively promote the Sphere of Life brand through multiple media channels including social media and our website. Through these channels we can direct people to their nearest stockist – you! In addition we can help support your own marketing campaigns by providing artwork materials and images. We are also happy to discuss ways to help you promote the brand through other media channels, so if you have an idea please do not hesitate to contact us.